Welcome to the Mancini Group! We are a diverse group of researchers that enjoy pursuing creative approaches to disrupt scientific paradigms. Our research interests span topics that include polymer and organic chemistry as well as synthetic immunology. Currently our group is focused on creating the next generation of immunotherapies by synthesizing designer immune modulating materials that have unconventional mechanisms of action. Our research in this area begins by seeking to better understand, at a fundamental molecular level, the role of the immune system in various disease states. We ask questions like “What allows a tumor to first establish itself and evade immunosurveillance?” and “How do small molecules influence the efficacy of vaccines?” Building on this knowledge, we are able to probe more formative questions such as “How can we exploit cancer cell metabolism to to generate an anticancer immune response?”, or "Can we create a synthetic innate immune cell?".  To answer each of these questions we require the synthesis of new molecules, and in some cases, the development of new synthetic methodologies. For a scientific discussion of our approach to these paradigms we invite you to peruse some of our publications or visit our research section.

Apart from our research, we are also influenced by our backgrounds. We are a highly diverse group of scientists coming together from around the globe from places as far away as Zimbabwe to local students right here in Pullman, WA. This diversity not only provides many different perspectives to our research, but also makes for very interesting conversations around the dinner table at our group outings.

We are currently looking for an exceptional postdoc and graduate student to join our team. Researchers in the group are generally expected to lead a research project in consultation with their advisor. Do you like the idea of having creative freedom to make groundbreaking scientific discoveries? If so,

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Stop over in our people section to meet some group members or drop us a comment to find out more.

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